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LYNCH MOB Performs At Modesto's X FEST (Video)

Fan-filmed video footage of LYNCH MOB's August 4 performance at X Fest in Modesto, California can be seen below.

The band performed the following tracks:

01. River Of Love
02. She"S So Evil But She's Mine
03. Hell Child
04. Into The Fire
05. All I Want
06. Mr. Scary
07. Sweet Sister Mercy
08. Wicked Sensation

LYNCH MOB's lineup for the show was as follows:

Oni Logan - Vocals
George Lynch - Guitar
Robbie Crane - Bass
Chris Collier - Drums

Rat Pak Records has just released LYNCH MOB's new four-song EP,"Sound Mountain Sessions".

According to a press release, "Sound Mountain Sessions" is a straight-forward, gritty, well-polished American hard rock offering that truly captures the magic of the genre. It's got bite, it's got soul, and lyrically,Oni Logan holds nothing back on this one! The effort was recorded in the traditional "old-school" way, with the bandmembers having locked themselves into Sound Mountain Studios for a week straight and putting their ideas in the capable engineering hands of Chris "The Wizard" Collier. With nothing more than the desert rats as their audience, a steady intake of ramen noodles, and their passion for rock and roll, the band gave birth to "Sound Mountain Sessions", an EP that rivals their previous work from the early years. Another fantastic element about these new songs is the addition of bassist Robbie Crane, who brings solid grooves and melodic backing vocals to each track (a little known fact:Robbie was actually the very first bass player of LYNCH MOB!). George Lynch does what George Lynch has always done best in this amazing release — he plugs in his guitar and then taps into the universal energy that only the elite guitar gods have access to....and delivers the goods. You are not looking for another "Wicked Sensation", you are looking for "Sound Mountain Sessions", a powerful EP that introduces you to the next chapter / best chapter yet, of these legendary rockers.

"Sound Mountain Sessions" track listing:

01. Slow Drag
02. World Of Chance
03. City Of Freedom
04. Sucka

Click here for audio commercial and exclusive pre-order bundles.

LYNCH MOB shot a video for the song "Slow Drag" on June 29 in Houston, Texas with renowned film producer W. Ross Wells of Zen Film. While in Houston, the band was also filmed for an upcoming episode of"Live From Sugar Hill", a rare all-acoustic performance shot at Sugar Hill Studios by Grammy producer Dan Workman and Zen Film. "Live From Sugar Hill" is sponsored by Vitamin Water/Coca Cola, and will air sometime in mid-August.

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Kix Sign With Frontiers Records, New Live CD/DVD To Be Released In September

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the signing of U.S. hard rockers Kix to the label. The return of the Maryland rockers will materialize with the worldwide release of the band’s first ever live DVD/CD release entitled Live in Baltimore on September 21st in Europe and September 25th in North America.

Since the band’s return to the national stage in 2008 with appearances at two of the biggest rock festivals in the States, Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma and Rock the Bayou in Houston, TX , Kix has amassed a large number of successful live shows all across the country, with regular appearances at festivals, casinos and biker rallys, culminating with headlining the hugely successful M3 Festival in Columbia, MD two years in a row. The new live CD/DVD is packed with fan favorites and a choice catalog of great hard rock songs recorded live in Baltimore, MD.

As the demand from the fans for new Kix music has never subsided and in fact has only increased over the last few years, band members have decided that they can no longer ignore the overtures from the fans and are writing new songs for a new album due out on Frontiers Records in 2013.

Singer Steve Whiteman stated, "This is a great thing for us and we hope it’s a great thing for Kix fans all around the world. We are so thrilled to finally be able to give the fans what they have been asking for, a live DVD and new music in 2013! We have been hard at work getting new material together that we think will stand shoulder to shoulder with any previous Kix records. It’s a really exciting time for Kix."

The Kix lineup includes original members Steve Whiteman, Jimmy Chalfant, Ronnie Younkins and Brian Forsythe with Mark Schenker on bass.

Live in Baltimore CD Tracklisting :

*No Ring Around Rosie
*Atomic Bombs
*Lie Like A Rug
*Don’t Close Your Eyes
*Girl Money
*Cold Blood
*Cold Shower
*She Dropped Me The Bomb
*Blow My Fuse
*Kix Are For Kids
*Midnite Dynamite
*Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Live in Baltimore DVD Tracklisting :

*No Ring Around Rosie
*Atomic Bombs
*Lie Like A Rug
*The Itch
*Don’t Close Your Eyes
*Hot Wire
*Same Jane
*Girl Money
*Ronnie “10/10” (Solo)
*Cold Blood
*Jimmy “Chocolate” (Solo)
*Cold Shower
*She Dropped Me The Bomb
*Blow My Fuse
*Kix Are For Kids
*Midnite Dynamite
*For Shame
*Brian “Damage” (Solo)
*Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Live in Baltimore Digital Edition Tracklisting (audio only):

*No Ring Around Rosie
*Atomic Bombs
*Lie Like A Rug
*The Itch
*Don’t Close Your Eyes
*Hot Wire
*Girl Money
*Cold Blood
*Cold Shower
*She Dropped Me The Bomb
*Blow My Fuse
*Kix Are For Kids
*Midnite Dynamite
*For Shame
*Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
*Bonus Tracks

Clip from upcoming DVD: Click Here

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Lamb Of God Singer Releases Statement About His Time In Czech Prison

After his release from Czech prison and his return home to Richmond, Va. last week, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has released a statement about his experience and future course of action. Full text follows below.

"Greetings. This is D. Randall Blythe, checking in from my beloved hometown of Richmond, VA, United States of America. I was recently released on bail from Pankrác Prison in Prague, Czech Republic, after over a month of incarceration. Now that I am out for the moment, I would like to say a few things.

1. While in prison, I had minimal knowledge of how my case was viewed anywhere but the Czech Republic. I was told by my attorney that I had a lot support from peers in the music industry, my hometown, fans, and of course my family. I cannot express how emotional it made me upon my release to read about even a fraction of the voices that were raised on my behalf. From legends in my music community, to fans across the world, and even people who were previously unaware of my existence but sympathized with my plight- I am truly humbled. I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. I would especially like to thank the people of Richmond, VA, for standing by me. In the 48 hours I have been home, many people I have never met before have stopped me on the street, waved and smiled as I passed by, or said hello in a restaurant. All have said "We are glad you are home, Randy". You all make me proud and grateful that I call Richmond home.

2. I would like state that I suffered no abuse, from either authorities or inmates, during my incarceration in Pankrác. I received no special treatment, and was in general population with everyone else- make no mistake, it was prison, not some celebrity rehab tv show. But I was treated fairly by the guards and kindly by my fellow inmates. People are dying of starvation all over the world. Men and women are losing their lives daily in the Middle East and other war torn regions. I had food, clothes, shelter, and no one was trying to kill me. I cannot complain over a short stay in prison while many people elsewhere fight to survive on a daily basis.

3. If it is deemed necessary for me to do so, I WILL return to Prague to stand trial. While I maintain my innocence 100%, and will do so steadfastly, I will NOT hide in the United States, safe from extradition and possible prosecution. As I write this, the family of a fan of my band suffers through the indescribably tragic loss of their child. They have to deal with constantly varying media reports about the circumstances surrounding his death. I am charged with maliciously causing severe bodily harm to this young man, resulting in his death. While I consider the charge leveled against me ludicrous and without qualification, my opinion makes no difference in this matter. The charge exists, and for the family of this young man, questions remain. The worst possible pain remains. It is fairly common knowledge amongst fans of my band that I once lost a child as well. I, unfortunately, am intimately familiar with what their pain is like. Therefore, I know all too well that in their time of grief, this family needs and deserves some real answers, not a media explosion followed by the accused killer of their son hiding like a coward thousands of miles away while they suffer. I am a man. I was raised to face my problems head on, not run from them like a petulant child. I hope that justice is done, and the family of Daniel N. will receive the closure they undoubtably need to facilitate healing. I feel VERY STRONGLY that as an adult, it would be both irresponsible and immoral for me not to return to Prague if I am summoned. This is not about bail money. This is about a young man who lost his life. I will act with honor, and I will fight to clear my good name in this matter. Thank you for reading this, and I wish you all peace."

In June, Blythe was arrested by Czech authorities and detained on suspicion of manslaughter regarding a May 2010 incident when a fan who repeatedly came onstage was pushed off and eventually died.

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Here is our Metal Hottie of the Month

August 2012

Please vote for her on Q106 she is #25! 

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That Metal Show Season 11 Line Up

As previously announced in Eddie's Trunk Report, That Metal Show has announced the guest line-up for its 11th season.

Scheduled guests include:

Episode 1, August 11th:
David Draiman (Disturbed)
Russell Allen, Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob)
Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob, Dream Theater, Flying Colors) (guest drummer)

Episode 2, August 18th:
Bobby Blotzer (Ratt)
Steve Riley, Phil Lewis (L.A. Guns)
Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) (guest guitarist)

The following six episodes haven't been filmed yet. Therefore, their airing dates will be announced soon.

Episode 3, TBA:
* Geoff Tate (Queensryche)
* Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne)

Episode 4, TBA:
* Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)
* Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick)

Episode 5, TBA:
* Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
Episode 6, TBA:
* Ann, Nancy Wilson (Heart)
* Lita Ford

Episode 7, TBA:
* Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot, Van Halen)

Episode 8, TBA:
* King Diamond (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate)
* Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Creed)

In addition, three guitar greats will return to play on the above scheduled episodes and they include:
John 5 (Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson)
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio)
George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken, Souls Of We)

In addition, former Biohazard frontman Evan Seinfeld will also appear as a guest in theTop 5 with other possible surprise guests popping up this season.

Season 11 of That Metal Show begins airing August 11th on VH1 Classic. Check your local listings.

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Promotional Video For Judas Priest's "Screaming For Vengeance 30th Anniversary" Posted Online

A vital part of rock history - Judas Priest have spent 4 decades writing classic songs and putting on spectacular live shows. During this period, the band has sold in excess of 30 million albums, and played to countless millions of fans across the globe. In 1982, they released their eighth studio album Screaming For Vengeance, containing their hugely successful You’ve Got Another Thing Comin', the single which proved that metal could get mainstream radio airplay in the US – leading the way for a whole generation of new metal bands.

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of this epic release, Judas Priest present you with Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition, containing not only the re-mastered original album plus bonus tracks, but also a live DVD from the 1983 US Festival show, filmed in San Bernadino CA on 29th May 1983.

The US Festival was intended to be a celebration of evolving technologies; a marriage of music, computers, television and people - organized by Steve Wozniak formerly of Apple Computer.

The Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition Live DVD was filmed at the second, and what turned out to be last, US Festival in 1983. The Sunday was the Heavy Metal Day -"It was the day new wave died and rock n' roll took over." It set the single day concert attendance record for the US with an estimated 375,000 people.

Judas Priest have this to say about this memorable day in metal history:

"On the day that we performed, we flew in by helicopter - and the first sight we saw was that of thousands of abandoned cars piled up around the crests of the hills that surrounded the festival arena, which as we went over took our breath away. For there below us, spread throughout hundreds of acres was a massive crowd – over three hundred thousand strong! The summer heat was raging and combined with the hot Santa Ana winds made for a scorching metal furnace on stage."

Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition CD Track Listing:

1. The Hellion
2. Electric Eye
3. Riding On The Wind
4. Bloodstone
5. (Take These) Chains
6. Pain And Pleasure
7. Screaming For Vengeance
8. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
9. Fever
10. Devil’s Child

Bonus tracks:

11. *Electric Eye (Live)
12. *Riding on the Wind (Live)
13. *You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (Live)
14. *Screaming For Vengeance (Live)
15. Devil’s Child (Live)
16. Prisoner of Your Eyes

* Live from the San Antonio Civic Center, September 10th 1982 US Festival Show - San Bernadino CA 29th May 1983 DVD:

1. Electric Eye
2. Riding On The Wind
3. Heading Out To The Highway
4. Metal Gods
5. Breaking The Law
6. Diamonds And Rust
7. Victim Of Changes
8. Living After Midnight
9. The Green Manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)
10. Screaming For Vengeance
11. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
12. Hell Bent For Leather

Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition also features a booklet featuring photos from Mark Weiss and liner notes written by our very own Eddie Trunk.

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SLAYER Frontman: 'We've Become Part Of The Fabric Of America

Daniel Brockman of The Boston Phoenix recently conducted an interview with SLAYER bassist/vocalist Tom Araya. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On SLAYER's career-long ability to incite hysteria:

Araya: "We have always just done things that we think are cool — everybody else tags us as 'controversial!' Everything we do, everything we write, everything we create, we do because it has a cool factor. We just want to be heavier and more intense than anything. One of us will come up with something, and it might make us go, 'Fuck!' — but inside we'll be thinking, 'That is so cool, people are going to shit!' "

On how SLAYER's developed its early sound:

Araya: "We started up as a band, and within a few years we got an offer to do a song for the 'Metal Massacre' series [a compilation series of unsigned metal bands put together by Metal Blade Records founderBrian Slagel that also included first recordings by METALLICA and RATT]. So we got the previous 'Metal Massacre' album, and decided to write a song better than what we heard. We knew we could do something better, we wanted to out-do the other guys. So we went ahead and did that."

On SLAYER's "outsider art form" becoming more mainstream:

Araya: "Nowadays, people who would never have been into metal can 'get' SLAYER, and honestly it's because of the 'wow' factor. I think people have adapted to that, they've realized it's cool. People don't have to buy into any kind of message; someone can just go 'Wow, this is really cool,' and no one's gonna think 'Oh, you're a devil worshipper' or 'Oh, you're a Nazi.' Now, they'll just think, 'Okay, he thinks that this is cool,' and that's about it. Music has gone through an evolution; metal has evolved and become part of the scene, and it's accepted. We've become part of the fabric of America." 

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