Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tracii Guns Ditches The L.A Guns Name In Favor Of The "League Of Gentleman"

Tracii Guns has retired his version of L.A. Guns in favor of his new band, League of Gentleman, so he can keep making music with a clear conscience.

Two lineups had been using the same name on the touring circuit, but after deciding it was bad for fans, Guns says he’s moved on.

He tells The Musician’s Voice, “Being in L.A. Guns is just not worth the trouble, with two different versions running around.

Neither band does the other band any good, and I think it’s disappointing for the fans ultimately. You’re dealing with people who have supported you and your music for over 20 years.

I would like to be able to go into each gig with a clear conscience, put out records with a clear conscience and know that I’m doing my best, and I’m no trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes."

Additionally, Guns would like to keep developing as a musician, which he feels would be more difficult using the old name.

“I think I’ve kind of done it to death,” he says, adding there’s not enough room to “grow, to move, and to exceed the fan base’s expectations.

They really loved their old L.A. Guns and I get it it – but I’m older, and I continued to study music and recording and a lot of different things. We play a lot of L.A. Guns in our live set. People expect to hear those from me.”

But he might go back one day: “If there was ever an opportunity to do L.A. Guns for a higher reason, for a bigger reason, I would certainly do it,” he says. “But I’m kind of over it.”

Tracii Guns’ League of Gentlemen includes singer Scott Foster Harris, drummer Doni Gray and bassist Craig McCloskey. Phil Lewis’ version of L.A. Guns released an album,Hollywood Forever, earlier this year.


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