Monday, July 9, 2012

Former Iron Maiden Singer Paul Di’Anno Says 2013 Will Be His Last As A Performer

Paul Di’Anno has shocked fans by announcing that 2013 will be his final year as a performer.

The colorful ex Iron Maiden singer has struggled against jail stints, poor health and addiction issues to keep delivering rock shows since rising to fame with the NOWBHM outfit in 1980.

He posted on Facebook, “I am gonna be “Pulling The Plug” next year 2013, and making it my “Farewell Tour”…it was good whilst it lasted.”

The news took followers by surprise, many of whom replied with expressions of astonishment and urging him to rethink his decision.

It had been reported he was working on a new solo album, but it’s not known whether he’ll complete the project before retiring.

Di’Anno, real name Paul Andrews, fronted Maiden for their first two albums before being replaced by Bruce Dickinson. Often outspoken in his attitude to the band, he fluctuated between criticizing and supporting his former bandmates.

He went on to play with a number of bands including Gogmagog, Praying Mantis and Battlezone. He was last jailed in 2011 after UK benefits investigators discovered he’d been performing concerts across the world while claiming he was incapable of working due to a back complaint. He’d fraudulently claimed over £45,000 (approximately $60,115.50 U.S. dollars).

On his release he said, “Prison’s hard, but I’m harder. And I managed not to pick up the soap.”

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